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    January 8, 2024

    Outcome-Oriented VSM: How ValueOps Insights Maximizes Value Realization

    To maximize the success of their digital transformations, a range of enterprises are adopting Value Stream Management (VSM). Through VSM, organizations can better ensure their investments yield increased customer value. But the effectiveness of VSM fundamentally hinges on comprehensive, real-time visibility. Traditional reporting methods typically focus solely on measuring the efficient delivery of work outputs at a team-by-team level, lacking the comprehensive real-time visibility necessary for VSM.

    To truly enhance the value of an organization’s investments, dashboards should present normalized data from all tools within value streams, encompassing value realization rather than just the efficiency of work outputs. ValueOps Insights delivers this vital value stream intelligence.

    ValueOps Insights delivers real-time dashboards and analytics that encompass data from all of an organization’s value streams. Now, decision makers can measure what matters most and have the right data to make informed decisions.  Decision-makers with this insight shift perspectives.

    Instead of focusing solely on individual tasks or teams, they start to have the visibility needed to consider the entire end-to-end process of delivering value to customers, across all value streams. The solution seamlessly gathers data from a range of tools employed across value streams and organizes it through a common data model.

    The solution also provides normalized data, automated reports, and real-time dashboards. This invaluable resource offers decision-makers fast, ongoing insights into business operations, so they can spot trends and identify bottlenecks and constraints that hinder value delivery.

    ValueOps Insights offers unified visibility across all tools and value streams, removing data silos and providing a comprehensive view of crucial information with a single login. The product features out-of-the-box dashboards that are tailored to various user personas, including roles specific to DevOps, PPM, engineering and agile management, ITSM, and more. With these capabilities, decision-makers can more effectively foster alignment around shared organizational goals.

    ValueOps Insights doesn't stop at visibility and alignment; it fosters enhanced collaboration. The solution maps business outcomes to intricate interdependencies, helping leaders better manage dependencies and reduce friction within workflows.

    ValueOps Insights helps decision-makers optimize efficiency by streamlining processes, removing roadblocks, and eliminating waste within value streams. The solution empowers leaders to identify performance indicators early, enhance productivity across the entire lifecycle, and accelerate time to market.


    One of the crucial aspects of VSM is that it provides an outcome-focused framework designed to help teams identify indicators of value realization early on. Aligned with agile principles, this framework fuels the continuous optimization of planning and delivery processes, so teams can enhance value realization.

    To learn more about the solution and sign up for a demo, be sure to visit the ValueOps ConnectALL and ValueOps Insights page. See how outcome-oriented VSM can revolutionize how you track investments and maximize the value you realize.

    Michelle Kerby

    Michelle brings more than 20 years of experience in marketing and sales leadership for Fortune 500 companies. She is passionate about solving customer challenges and creating loyal evangelists. Michelle is based in Silicon Valley.

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