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    October 25, 2023

    Getting Started with Value Stream Management

    Five Steps to Guide VSM Success

    In today's fast-paced business landscape, where enhancing customer value, driving innovation, and executing with precision are top priorities, Value Stream Management (VSM) has emerged as the ultimate solution. Think of it as your digital transformation's secret weapon. No matter how complex your organization's setup is, VSM helps you overcome transformation hurdles by pinpointing alignment issues, rooting out wasteful practices, and boosting enterprise-wide visibility.

    So, what exactly is VSM? It's not your run-of-the-mill business practice; it's a tech-driven approach aimed at increasing the flow of customer value, all the way from concept to final delivery. It comes with its own set of guidelines, embracing diverse processes, unique collaboration methods, and fresh perspectives on measuring success.

    Getting started

    Step 1: Identify

    The journey kicks off with identification. Recognizing the value streams driving your organization is key. Without a clear map of these streams, any improvement efforts would be like taking a shot in the dark.

    Step 2: Align

    Once you've identified these streams, align them with your strategic goals. Make sure your value streams and objectives are in harmony. This alignment ensures that every effort drives you closer to your overarching mission. It's all about synchronizing business strategy with execution—linking them into unified value streams. This way, when challenges arise, everyone is on the same page regarding the value they're delivering and the progress being made.

    Step 3: Rally

    Time to bring everyone together. Collaboration is the cornerstone of VSM. Gather your teams, stakeholders, and resources under one banner. A united front ensures everyone is heading in the same direction. VSM provides the ultimate platform and data to bridge the gap between business strategies and development teams’ execution. Plus, it eliminates unnecessary friction. Using strategic roadmaps to articulate business concepts, you can negotiate priorities and timing with development without getting bogged down.

    Step 4: Execute

    When it comes to making things happen, the execution phase is where the real magic unfolds. This is where all your plans and strategies come to life, and it's all about clear communication, efficient workflows, and a solid understanding of everyone's roles. In this step, you're essentially charting the best route to get things done and ensuring everyone has a good view of what's happening. It's all about boosting collaboration and building trust.

    While keeping a close eye on the work, you navigate the execution to ensure that what's most important, urgent, and where resources are allocated all stay on track amid the constantly evolving landscape.

    Step 5: Evolve

    Change is a constant, and VSM is no different. Regularly evaluate your processes and methodologies. Evolve with the lessons learned and the changing landscape. This adaptability keeps you at the forefront of efficient value delivery.


    VSM brings companies and their customers together, creating a clear picture of value across the product and project lifecycle. Five key steps pave the way for VSM success: identifying value streams, aligning strategies, rallying teams, executing with precision, and continuously evolving in the face of change. These steps aren't just boxes to tick; they're the guiding compass that leads organizations toward value-driven success.

    May your value streams flow seamlessly, and may your organization find its way in the ever-evolving landscape of business excellence.

    To learn more, be sure to read our eBook, 5 Steps to Value Stream Management. Explore ValueOps Value Stream Management, built to manage what you value most. 

    Heather Spring

    Heather is a senior-level Product Marketing expert with 20+ years in high-tech, including hardware, software and SaaS. Her experience is in full product lifecycle management, from engineering development to manufacturing, from ops to marketing and from product/software release to sales. Her Agile background fosters...

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