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    February 18, 2022

    Cable Giant Delights Customers with Clarity

    When you are a leading cable company serving more than 31 million consumer and business accounts in 41 U.S. states, you need to continually delight those customers. That’s not always easy. We recently sat down with one telecom giant’s PMO managers to hear how her team stays on top of increasing demands. Here’s an excerpt:

    What were the challenges you needed to overcome to be successful?

    Our success depends on consistently delivering value to our customers. That allows us to drive our own business success. It also means that we have to make the best decisions, in the shortest time around all of our technology projects, and those projects have to deliver the best possible outcomes every time. That can only happen with total visibility and complete insight, and we didn’t have that.

    How did you go about addressing those problems?

    We decided to implement a single project portfolio management solution for all of our IT projects. We needed to have all of our project managers manage their initiatives through that system on a day-to-day basis, and we needed to integrate things like timesheets with payment for contractors, ideation and demand management, etc. Most importantly, we needed effective reporting that could directly support leadership decision making.

    What did you do, and how did it help?

    Clarity from Broadcom gave us everything we needed. It provides us with the ability to manage every project in the system, to leverage its ideation functionality for intake and demand, and to use timesheets to capture time for all resources and begin the process of paying our contractors. Our project managers can interact with Clarity on a day-to-day basis and we can be confident that not only are all our projects being managed from one place, but that the information is accurate, complete and timely.

    Most important of all, we can report on all of our projects from one place, either using the built-in reporting capability or by using our Tableau BI platform for more complex analytical reporting based on Clarity data. And our stakeholders know that they are being supported in their efforts to optimize customer value by making the best possible investment decisions.

    How is this driving your success?

    Without Clarity, our leadership would be blind to the key initiatives driving customer value. With it, they have the ability to see everything that is happening, understand how that work supports business and customer value, and make the right decisions in less time and with greater confidence. The primary executive dashboard for our IT projects comes from Clarity, and leadership relies on it to make decisions.

    Clarity is also supporting us as we evolve and grow our business. We’re looking to expand our use of the system to include hierarchies and roadmaps so that we can further enhance the support Clarity provides to our end-to-end strategic planning and execution lifecycle.

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    Alf Abuhajleh

    Alf Abuhajleh markets Clarity PPM from Broadcom. From early-days cloud computing, mobile apps and cognizant enterprise apps, Alf spent the past 20 years developing and launching emerging technologies in Silicon Valley.

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