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    August 9, 2022

    Broadcom Named a Leader in Value Stream Management — New GigaOm Analyst Report

    The “2022 GigaOm Radar for Value Stream Management” was published recently, and it’s a pleasure to announce Broadcom was named a fast mover and a leader in this extensive publication. In the report, the authors state, “Overall, Broadcom’s key strength is bringing together the business and engineering sides of the house, enabling the communications paths needed to align strategy to delivery.”

    Report Takes In-Depth Look at Value Stream Management Market

    The GigaOm Radar report offers an extensive look at the Value Stream Management (VSM) market. It provides definitions of market categories and deployment types, and takes a rigorous look at the vendors and solutions available.

    “Overall, Broadcom’s key strength is bringing together the business and engineering sides of the house, enabling the communications paths needed to align strategy to delivery.”

    The report highlights the significance of VSM for today’s organizations, underscoring how delivering faster and cheaper doesn’t mean anything if the output being delivered doesn’t actually provide value. The report looks at how “solution providers enable this value to be visualized, mapped to business goals, and then optimized.”
    As the report authors explain, “For organizations looking to build a coherent picture and move away from spreadsheets and customized business intelligence (BI) tools, there’s a lot to like about VSM.”

    For those unfamiliar with GigaOm’s Radar methodology, here’s a brief description from the report:

    “The GigaOm Radar plots vendor solutions across a series of concentric rings, with those set closer to the center judged to be of higher overall value. The chart characterizes each vendor on two axes—balancing Maturity versus Innovation, and Feature Play versus Platform Play—while providing an arrow that projects each solution’s evolution over the coming 12 to 18 months.”

    ESD_FY22_Academy-Blog.Broadcom Named a Leader in Value Stream Management.Figure 1

    What Differentiates Broadcom ValueOps

    Attesting to Broadcom’s commitment to innovation and the power of our ValueOps solution, the report explains that “Broadcom takes a board-level-down approach, building on both its flagship Clarity product and how it has embraced ValueOps as a way of building business buy-in to the changes VSM brings. Clarity has been around for decades but is highly suited to these needs.”

    ESD_FY22_Academy-Blog.Broadcom Named a Leader in Value Stream Management.Figure 2

    Broadcom stands alone as a leader in the platform play and maturity segment of the radar. Following are a few highlights from the report:

    • Broadcom received the highest possible ratings for its ability to serve business leadership as well as technical leadership.
    • Broadcom ValueOps received top ratings for four out of the five key criteria—more than any other vendor. These criteria include end-to-end value-based measurement, business-level insights, improvement insights, and value stream portfolios.
    • In terms of evaluation metrics, Broadcom ValueOps was top rated in insight-driven value focus and its ROI and TCO.
    To learn more, be sure to read the 2022 GigaOm Radar for Value Stream Management report.


    Marla Schimke

    Marla brings more than 20 years of experience in marketing leadership for both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies including CA Technologies, Microsoft and Ernst & Young. She is a thought leader who combines a unique blend of technology and marketing experience to successfully position cutting-edge solutions to B2B...

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