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June 14, 2021

Broadcom Announces Industry-First Value Stream Management Solution

by: Jean Louis Vignaud

Do you know how you’re funding key investments and how resource allocation affects business objectives? Unless your answer is a definitive “yes,” ValueOps from Broadcom can help. This post reveals how ValueOps puts the “value” into value stream management by delivering a single, integrated platform that unites business and IT.

As leaders of large enterprises look to meet their most critical imperatives, Agile and DevOps practices will remain crucial, but they won’t be enough.

While with DevOps, teams can break down silos, speed delivery, and reduce risk, teams will also need to ensure that what they’re doing ultimately aligns with strategic business outcomes. That’s where value stream management (VSM) has emerged as a critical requirement for enterprise-wide success.

Through effective VSM, teams can make continuous strides in increasing customer value and eliminating investment waste. To accomplish this, businesses need to move from focusing on optimizing separate tools, teams, and departments, and start optimizing the flow of products and services through entire value streams. These streams flow horizontally, across tools, teams, and departments—and for many organizations, that reality presents significant challenges.

Our ValueOps solution was designed to solve these challenges. With this solution, businesses can implement and manage an effective, efficient VSM strategy that enables teams to establish the internal horizontal alignment required. ValueOps seamlessly combines the proven investment planning features of Clarity™, with the advanced Agile management capabilities of Rally®—all in one integrated, easy-to-use, and flexible platform.

With ValueOps from Broadcom, executives can more effectively understand priorities, capacity, progress, and results within their organizations. The ValueOps solution enables every role within an enterprise to manage, track, and analyze unified value streams with a consistent value orientation and methodology.

The solution represents a major leap forward for both business and technical leaders. Following is more information on how the solution helps each of these key stakeholders.

For Business Leaders

ValueOps from Broadcom delivers the metrics and capabilities that matter most to business leaders. The solution combines business and digital product management capabilities, fueling advanced, operationally focused Agile planning and management. ValueOps from Broadcom provides flexible organizational tools that work in ways that make sense to the business, enabling custom visualization of programs, teams, and other investment objects.

Now, with ValueOps from Broadcom, business leaders can:

  • Get the real-time data they need to ensure they’re prioritizing and funding the most effective initiatives.
  • Define and articulate initiatives as actionable deliverables.
  • Authoritatively track and report on ROI and the enterprise value realized.

For Technical Leaders

For technical leaders, ValueOps from Broadcom enables Agile management to be driven directly by investment plans. The solution seamlessly connects strategic investment plans, funding, business objectives, and key results. This enables technical leaders to ensure that teams are efficiently delivering the highest priority, highest value initiatives.

With the solution, technical leaders can:

  • Gain increased alignment with the business, ensuring value streams map to investment decisions.
  • Equip delivery teams with better visibility into dependencies, risks, scope growth, and funding changes.
  • Provide complete reporting to decision makers in real-time.

ValueOps from Broadcom provides end-to-end traceability of value streams, enabling effective, meaningful roll-up reporting to business decision makers. This increases transparency and helps technical leaders more effectively demonstrate value.

Value Stream Management Summit

How can value stream management help your organization? Join us at the Value Stream Management Summit and see what benefits your company can reap, and how to get started. Taking place on June 23, 2021 at 11 AM EDT, this digital one-day event will feature insights from analysts at Forrester Research and executives from Chipotle Mexican Grill, the Boeing Company, the Hershey Company, and more.