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    March 20, 2023

    2023 VSM Summit: Delivering Secrets to Transformation Success

    The need for digital transformation hasn’t gone away. While much has changed in the past few years, transformation remains a strategic imperative for most organizations. However, while many have made strides in their journeys, most continue to confront significant obstacles. Are lack of staffing, budget, and resources the issue? Most often, they are not. Fundamentally, the core issue is not a lack of resources; it’s a lack of alignment between those resources – teams, funding, and tools that are already in place.

    Consider that a recent survey underscored the persistence of an age-old disconnect. The research found that more than two-thirds of respondents (68%) said their businesses continued to be plagued by silos between software development and business strategy. The findings from this survey are now available in our 2023 Value Stream Management Trends report.

    These statistics highlight the reason why adding more people or technologies doesn’t solve the problem – it exacerbates them.

    The Promise of Value Stream Management

    As teams look to improve their transformation initiatives, Value Stream Management (VSM) is emerging as the best approach.

    With VSM, teams can overcome many of the most significant obstacles that are stifling their digital transformations. VSM enables teams to be more fully aligned around what really matters: delivering value to customers. By optimizing alignment, VSM enables teams to maximize the value that gets delivered. That’s why so many are moving to VSM. In fact, according to the same survey, 86% of organizations plan to adopt VSM or have already done so.

    Announcing Our Third Annual Value Stream Management Summit

    While many are clear on the benefits of VSM, what isn’t clear is how to realize this potential. Broadcom leads the industry by hosting annual Value Stream Management summits to help teams successfully navigate these journeys.

    On April 26, 2023, we’re holding our third annual event.

    Here are four reasons you don’t want to miss this year’s VSM Summit:

    1. Best-Selling Author Offers Best Practices for Using OKRs

    Christina Wodtke, a renowned author and speaker, will share her expertise on objectives and key results (OKRs). In her session, she’ll reveal proven techniques for methodically, predictably getting the right things done. Attend this session and discover how OKRs can help your teams accomplish monumental tasks.

    2. Forrester Analyst Unveils Latest VSM Trends and Tactics

    Chris Condo, principal analyst with Forrester, will draw on his firm’s extensive research to share:

    • Recent trends and the latest advancements in VSM.
    • How VSM empowers different roles across organizations.
    • How to use the right data, in the right way, for successful transformation.

    3. VSM Pioneers Detail What’s Worked—And What Hasn’t

    Transformation leaders from a number of top enterprises will discuss some of the specific approaches and strategies that helped propel their success. Attend our summit and hear from executives at these firms:

    • The Hartford. See how, through aligning work with value streams, everyone has a shared view of the work ahead—and is more empowered to create customer value.
    • HCSC. Hear how HCSC gained the insights they needed to uncover more opportunities and optimize their investment planning and execution.
    • Tyson Foods. Learn how, by moving from traditional project management to VSM, this team successfully bridged business and IT.
    • Memorial Sloan Kettering. Find out how this world-famous cancer care center deployed innovative telemedicine at the height of Covid-19 lockdowns to improve patient lives.

    4. Broadcom Executives to Detail Top Benefits of VSM

    Serge Lucio, Broadcom’s General Manager, Agile Operations Division, will look at where enterprises are today in terms of their digital transformation initiatives. He’ll also reveal how optimized value streams can help your teams maximize visibility, alignment, trust, and value.


    No matter where you are in your VSM journey, this event will provide tremendous insight and value. For those who are relatively new to VSM, the summit will provide an inspiring and instructive look at what’s possible. For those further along in their VSM maturity, this event will deliver proven, expert insights for maximizing the results of VSM initiatives.

    To learn more and register, be sure to visit our VSM Summit page.

    Marla Schimke

    Marla brings more than 20 years of experience in marketing leadership for both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies including CA Technologies, Microsoft and Ernst & Young. She is a thought leader who combines a unique blend of technology and marketing experience to successfully position cutting-edge solutions to B2B...

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