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    May 20, 2022

    Top 5 Reasons for “Why AppNeta?”

    AppNeta by Broadcom Software is a SaaS platform that enables large enterprises to gain visibility into their business-critical applications as experienced from remote offices and to understand how the networks that drive them operate. Because of our network focus we often get compared to traditional monitoring solutions, but with a quick overview it should be easy to explain to others in your organization how we differentiate.

    Solutions Overview

    Applications drive the business forward, but only if the networks they’re accessed through are available and performant. Today, business apps and user productivity are dependent upon external networks and third-party apps, but traditional passive monitoring relies on device and network ownership. To consistently deliver exceptional performance, IT needs better visibility into end-user experiences. AppNeta bypasses the limitations of traditional passive monitoring, providing active monitoring to extend visibility beyond the firewall.

    By combining active and passive monitoring methods, AppNeta enables IT operations teams to fully understand how performance is affected by common issues like application outages, route changes, connectivity drops, and ISP peering changes. By helping isolate where issues stem from, the solution enables IT teams to reduce mean time to innocence (MTTI) for issues that are outside their sphere of responsibility.

    AppNeta has been built based on more than 20 years of network monitoring experience. This SaaS-based solution delivers fast root cause isolation, robust diagnostic visibility, and rich metrics based on path, packet, web, and flow data. The solution can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises. With AppNeta, teams can monitor the end-to-end application delivery path, regardless of which cloud, office, home, or data center is used.

    The solution offers these additional features:

    • Proprietary TruPath™ technology based on packet train dispersion to isolate hop-by-hop performance, regardless of who owns the network.
    • Visibility into devices of work-from-anywhere users, including host metrics, top processes, and connectivity type (such as VPN, wired, or wireless).
    • Ample data retention policies that match business timeframes to catch sporadic issues and allow for comprehensive performance reviews.
    • Powerful alert profiles that can help teams reduce chatter, assess user impact, and integrate with existing alert dashboards.
    • Scalable web-based user interface that decreases implementation time, while also providing enhanced sorting and filtering capabilities for large organizations.
    • Robust JSON-based API that enables push and pull data integration into existing IT operations solutions and workflows.

    Critical Differentiators

    The following features and capabilities set AppNeta apart from other solutions:

    • Active and passive monitoring. Harness a solution that integrates path, packet, web, and flow data into a single monitoring endpoint, enabling comprehensive visibility of the end-user experience. Get continuous visibility into the performance of business-critical apps and networks, along with passive collection of traffic and device metrics that provide context for speeding troubleshooting.
    • Unmatched granularity and accuracy, with minimal overhead. Gain continuous, deep visibility into how users are experiencing the network, without affecting their performance. Leverage actionable insights that you can trust.
    • Flexible deployments for every office, user, and cloud. Choose from a purpose-built appliance, virtual appliance, native software, container, and global monitoring deployment options to gain complete coverage for any location.
    • Trusted solution. AppNeta is the solution of choice for three of the five largest corporations and four of the five largest cloud providers. The solution features SOC2 Type 2 Certification and can scale from the smallest remote office to 100 Gbps data centers.
    • Visibility for both end user and corporate environments. Work with a single solution that can handle performance metrics for your entire office-based and distributed workforce. Boost the success of your initiatives, no matter where users choose to work.
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    Alec Pinkham

    Alec is a Product Marketing Manager for the AppNeta solution at Broadcom. He spent seven years with AppNeta in the Application and Network Performance Monitoring space before joining Broadcom. Prior to AppNeta his background is in software product management in HMI/SCADA solutions for industrial automation as well as...

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