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    October 16, 2023

    Monitoring Policies: Enabling Scalable, Hands-Free Monitoring

    AppNeta by Broadcom will soon offer monitoring policies that streamline monitoring setup and maintenance. Now available for preview, these capabilities will significantly reduce the time and effort required for ongoing operations, especially for customers with large-scale and dynamic sets of monitoring points.

    What is the challenge?

    Let’s start by talking about scale. Over the years, our customers’ networks have gotten bigger and more complex. We’ve seen larger customers adding thousands, if not tens of thousands, of monitoring points into their environments. Here are some illustrations of how our monitoring policies will help:

    • You are an administrator for an organization that has a user base of 8,000 people, with 6,000 located in the US and 2,000 international. Every week, anywhere from one to 50 new employees are added. Using monitoring policies, you can set up monitoring once, and have every new user onboarded and monitored with zero touch. This saves time every week that can be put back into other responsibilities.
    • Your organization has multiple networks in operation, including an office network, VPN, and SASE. You can use monitoring rules to find monitoring points on these networks and have monitoring setup with ease. When new monitoring points join the network, monitoring is set up automatically.

    See the preview

    See what your setup could be like today by logging in and heading to the Monitoring Policies Preview page, which is under the main settings menu (accessed via the gear icon on the top right). We’ve developed an interface to show you what your Path Template Groups will look like when converted into monitoring policies. We’ll also be expanding this in the future to include Web App Groups. Check out the timeline below to see when.

    Timeline of events

    Here’s an overview of when these new capabilities will be released:

    • Today—early access preview is available. This will show you what your Path Template Groups will look like once converted into monitoring policies.
    • 2023 Q4—Network monitoring will be managed by policies. Existing Path Template Groups will be converted automatically and existing monitoring will not be interrupted or changed.
    • Early 2024—Web monitoring will be managed by policies. Existing Web App Groups will be converted automatically.

    Vibhu Dubey

    Vibhu Dubey serves as a Product Manager at AppNeta by Broadcom, boasting a remarkable career spanning more than 15 years in the domains of network monitoring and automation, with a distinct emphasis on user experience monitoring.

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