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    April 24, 2024

    Google Announces Broadcom as Partner of the Year for Infrastructure: Networking

    ESD_FY24_Academy-Blog.Google Announces Broadcom as Partner of the Year for Infrastructure - Networking.Figure 1As part of the Google Cloud Next ‘24 conference this year, Broadcom has been named a Google Cloud Partners Awards winner in the Technology category, specifically for Infrastructure -  Networking. This award recognizes a winning combination of technologies to deliver innovative solutions in the network space.

    Per Serge Lucio, General Manager of Agile Operations Division “Broadcom is proud to have our market-leading observability platform acknowledged with this award. Our partnership with Google Cloud continues to expand towards new and exciting use cases around cloud visibility. Google’s commitment to offering robust network experience monitoring, observability, and management allows customers to assure user experience when delivering cloud services.”  

    Modern cloud architecture is a fundamental part of large enterprise networks, but due to the necessary involvement of multiple network services vendors, network operations teams need better visibility into the real-time performance of these business-critical connections. Broadcom’s partnership with Google provides our mutual customers with end-to-end network performance monitoring and observability with active network monitoring from the end-users perspective to understand their experience across branch and home environments, ISPs, transit networks, and application service provider environments.

    Across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, understanding the dynamic network paths and real-time performance can be essential to identify and isolate issues before they impact users, employees, customers, or the business. With active network monitoring and end-to-end visibility from Broadcom, network teams can optimize network operations and accelerate Google Cloud transformations by baselining performance before changes, validating during, and continuously monitoring afterwards to ensure enhanced connected experiences for their users.

    As an example of how Broadcom is innovating with Google Cloud it’s natural to look at AppNeta by Broadcom which provides active performance visibility for internal and external networks from the end-user perspective focused on hybrid and multicloud observability. Since launching AppNeta on Google Cloud Marketplace last year, there have been two development highlights most relevant to cloud dependencies around deployment at scale and ease of use.

    Monitoring Policies allow customers to streamline the setup of monitoring for dynamic, large-scale sets of Monitoring Points, significantly reducing the time and effort. Paths can be automatically created and deleted based on a set of rules; for example, if a core application is used only in particular geographic regions, a policy can automatically monitor the application only from the Monitoring Points in that region (based on an integrated custom tagging feature). To view the training on Monitoring Policies, click here.

    AppNeta’s scale and ease of use enhancements provide deeper visibility into cloud networks for performance validation. By combining various monitoring data sources, you can view network performance site-to-site, site-to-cloud, and cloud-to-cloud for business-critical apps and services.

    All of these innovations serve to provide a better operational efficiency for joint users of Google and Broadcom. We look forward to enhancing the partnership as we strive for improved visibility into modern infrastructure across internal and external networks.

    To find out more about the networking partnership between Broadcom and Google click here.

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    Alec Pinkham

    Alec is a Product Marketing Manager for the AppNeta solution at Broadcom. He spent seven years with AppNeta in the Application and Network Performance Monitoring space before joining Broadcom. Prior to AppNeta his background is in software product management in HMI/SCADA solutions for industrial automation as well as...

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