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July 7, 2021

DX NetOps 21.2 Network Monitoring Software Continues to Improve Visibility with Expanded SD-WAN, SDDC, and SD-WiFi Coverage

by: Sarbdeep Singh

DX NetOps 21.2 network monitoring software continues to innovate and improve the scale, speed, and simplicity of network operations with a focused set of high-value features and capabilities. The solution collects data (network faults, performance, events, and alarms) from SDN and WiFi controllers and orchestrators to deliver deep visibility into the health and performance of your modern network deployments.

Additionally, the solution correlates data from different network streams. It brings end-to-end visibility within a unified portal to help customers, not only monitoring their traditional network devices but the latest modern networking technologies as well.

Broadcom enhanced its analytic capabilities in the latest release of the DX NetOps network monitoring software to enable network operations teams to reliably deliver applications’ experiences over SD-WAN technologies built on VMware VeloCloud and Cisco Meraki.


Expanded Network Monitoring Capabilities for VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud

Our network monitoring software has also enabled fast and easy monitoring of VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud. The latest release of the DX NetOps solution delivers the following key capabilities for monitoring and assuring your VMware SD-WAN deployments:


  • Collects the following network components from VeloCloud Orchestrator:
    • Orchestrator, Enterprise Proxy, Enterprises, Gateway Pool, Gateways, Sites, Edges, Edge Interfaces, Edge Sub Interfaces, Links, Tunnels (Edge to Edge, Edge to Gateway), Policy Class, SLA Path, Alarms, and Events raised on Orchestrator and Edges


  • Collect performance metrics from both SNMP and Rest APIs on all the key network elements: Devices, Interfaces, Tunnels, Links, and SLA paths


  • Collect all the events from the VeloCloud Orchestrator and forward them to DX NetOps to do one-of-a-kind event correlation, fault isolation, and root cause analysis


  • End-to-end visibility of how different sites are connected, including policies, tunnels information


ESD_FY21_Academy-Blog.DX NetOps 21.2 Network Monitoring Software Continues to Improve Visibility with Expanded SD-WAN SDDC and SD-WiFi Coverage.Figure_01

Figure 1: Interactive SD-WAN geo map delivers real-time WAN status and performance.


Expanded Network Monitoring Capabilities for Cisco Meraki LAN and WiFi

The DX NetOps solution has enhanced its monitoring capabilities for Cisco Meraki MS switch devices to provide end-to-end visibility across Cisco Meraki appliances. In previous versions of this network monitoring software, the solution enabled you to monitor Meraki MR WiFi Access Point devices and Meraki MX security appliances. DX NetOps is now able to collect the following key components of Cisco Meraki switches for improved network operations visibility and resilience of your LAN and WiFi deployments:


  • Organization, Networks, MS Devices, Clients, Uplink Interfaces for MS Devices

Policies and Tunnels

  • MS and MX device communication and performance


  • Latency and packet loss percentage for devices and tunnels (NormalizedSDNTunnelInfo)
  • Wireless infrastructure performance and health


  • Support for Meraki MS alarms via API and Syslog


  • End-to-end visibility of Meraki MX, MR, and MS devices

ESD_FY21_Academy-Blog.DX NetOps 21.2 Network Monitoring Software Continues to Improve Visibility with Expanded SD-WAN SDDC and SD-WiFi Coverage.Figure_02

Figure 2: DX NetOps Spectrum includes fault management and topology features for Cisco Meraki technologies.


Expanded Network Monitoring Capabilities for Nokia Nuage Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)

DX NetOps continues its innovation in SDx monitoring with coverage for Nokia Nuage SDDC deployments. The solution unifies fault and performance visibility while reducing alarm noise and delivering easy workflows that correlate the software-defined overlay with the underlay infrastructure for quick triage of this modern network technology.

The solution integrates with two Nuage components: Nuage Virtual Service Directory (VSD) to collect overlay information about the Nuage Fabric network and the Nuage Virtualized Service Assurance Platform (VSAP) to provide fault, performance, and inventory capabilities to deliver the following use cases:

  • How Nuage Private Cloud and Nuage Fabric/Gateway network are configured
  • Ability to discover and correlate physical network with virtual network
  • Reduce alarm noise by showing only actionable alarms and provide effective root cause analysis
  • Alarm suppression and correlation of re-route/path-change/link down alarms with performance-based events
  • Correlate the software-defined overlay with the underlay infrastructure that are supporting network delivery policies


Register for our external webcast: What’s New in NetOps 21.2 on July 8, 2021, to see all these features discussed and get any questions answered.