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    DX Unified Infrastructure Management Overview

    Boost operational efficiency and speed time-to-resolution in a single platform with DX UIM for traditional data centers, physical and virtual devices, and hybrid cloud environments.

    Video Transcript

    For too many IT operations teams, it's now next to impossible to deliver the performance and service innovation customers require. IT infrastructures keep getting more dynamic, monitoring tools keep proliferating, siloed workflows make collaboration difficult. DX Unified Infrastructure Management - or DX UIM - will help you overcome these challenges by providing unified observability and intelligent operations for hybrid IT infrastructures.

    With these capabilities, you will boost operational efficiency and speed mean time to resolution (MTTR). In a single platform, you get unified observability of traditional data centers, physical devices including network elements, private cloud, and public cloud infrastructures. DX UIM has probes for hundreds of technologies, and it correlates thousands of types of data points into a single view.

    Modular, customizable data collection means you can address your specific monitoring needs while minimizing your footprint and overhead. To manage the ever-increasing scale of your enterprise's IT infrastructure, the answer is not to work harder; it's to work smarter.

    The monitoring configuration service allows you to easily scale monitoring capacity. It automates device discovery, inventory, onboarding, and configuration. Smart alarm management with centralized alarm policies, dynamic baselining, and contextual filtering speeds mean time to resolution with less effort.

    Alarms are grouped into incidents with threshold correlation. Direct integration with CMDB, email, service desk, and SMS applications enables automated alarm routing. With service level management, you can define SLA thresholds to make sure services are running optimally from end to end and generating alerts if they aren't.

    Intuitive reports and dashboards help you visualize the complete technology stack with reports and dashboards designed just for you. Whether you're an SRE, Cloud Admin, or IT executive. With out-of-the-box reports, you can manage service level compliance, understand resource utilization, triage performance challenges, and share reports with key stakeholders.

    DX UIM is the tool of choice for the largest global enterprises and service providers. It’s reliable, secure, scalable, and natively multi-tenant.

    Our team employs robust security practices across the entire DevSecOps life cycle - from development to deployment - to deliver enterprise-grade security. An open, multi-tier architecture provides efficient and intercomponent communication, enabling horizontal scalability in high throughput.

    The platform offers native multi-tenancy support, role-based access controls, custom branding, and persona-based reporting and dashboards. With flexible APIs and software development kits, it's easy to extend the solution to address your specific needs.

    To learn more, access our resources on the Broadcom Software Academy.      

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