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    DX UIM for Hybrid Cloud Monitoring and Management

    DX UIM removes the complexity of using multiple tools to monitor and manage hybrid cloud environments. Watch this brief video to learn more or share with your internal or revenue-producing customers.


    Video Transcript

    In recent years, enterprises have expanded their use of private clouds and public cloud services. Meanwhile, their traditional data centers remain and must continue to be supported. Over time, IT operations teams have continued to add Point Monitoring Solutions to try and keep track of this expanding mix of technologies.

    In the process, complexity keeps increasing and gaining true observability keeps getting more difficult.

    With DX Unified Infrastructure Management, or DX UIM, you can eliminate the tool sprawl and complexity introduced by modern hybrid cloud environments. DX UIM is a single, unified platform that provides coverage of all your traditional virtual and hybrid cloud technologies.

    With DX UIM, you can gain complete observability for optimizing your operations. DX UIM provides ever-expanding support for the latest cloud-native technologies and services. With one solution, you can monitor popular cloud services with out-of-the-box probes or expand to include any other S3 NFS compliant public cloud using REST APIs. You can track environments running most popular containers and orchestrators, and you can monitor any of the leading hyper-converged and virtualized infrastructures.

    These days, the answer is not to work harder, but to work smarter. With DX UIM, you can establish intelligent operations, harness automated inventory and alarm management and smart incident correlation, so your existing teams can stay in front of the ever-increasing scale and complexity of your environment.

    DX UIM features a modular probe deployment model and can bring data from across hundreds of technologies onto a single platform. Every data point collected can be used to build unified, correlated views of your environment. This modular approach to data collection also means you can customize your monitoring approach based on your specific infrastructure and reduce your monitoring footprint and operational overhead.

    Whether you are an operations manager interested in keeping an eye on critical operational metrics, or an infrastructure manager trying to resolve an issue, DX UIM delivers the visibility you require to be successful. The solution features powerful, easily customizable dashboards out of the box so you get the data points you need, when you need them.

    Do you want to determine whether your cloud services are performing on par with your traditional data centers? DX UIM has you covered. With DX UIM's service-level agreement (SLA) management capabilities, you can easily measure performance against service-level objectives and track SLA compliance no matter where services are running. With this visibility, you can boost consistency and reliability throughout your hybrid multi-cloud environment. You can spot and address potential capacity bottlenecks, and you can make smarter migration decisions.

    DX UIM also offers extensive monitoring support for big data ecosystems including Cloudera and Hortonworks enterprise distributions, along with standalone Hadoop deployments. You can monitor the complete data pipeline for your application infrastructure, whether it is hosted on-premises or in the cloud.

    Plus, DX UIM has your traditional data center covered. Built upon decades of market leadership, the solution monitors mature servers, systems, and services, including your mission-critical midrange systems. Now, you can employ a single pane of glass that provides comprehensive observability of your hybrid multi-cloud enterprise environment. 

    With DX UIM, you can stop having to jump from screen to screen to make sense of what is happening. DX UIM is the one solution that enables you to tame the spiraling complexity introduced by hybrid cloud environments.

    DX UIM is reliable, secure, scalable, and natively multi-tenant. With all these capabilities, it's no wonder that DX UIM is the tool of choice for the largest global enterprises and service providers. To learn more, access our resources on the Broadcom Software Academy.

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