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AIOps & Automation Skill Builder

Quickly learn essential how-to skills for our AIOps and Automation solutions.

New to DX NetOps 20.2

DX NetOps is continuing to evolve to meet the challenges of today’s modern, complex network architectures to better enable you to quickly pinpoint and triage any performance issues. Use our latest step-by-step solution walk-throughs to discover how you can get up and running quickly and easily with unified, high-scale network monitoring from DX NetOps for traditional and modern network architectures.

ESP dSeries Workload Automation

ESP dSeries Workload Automation helps you define, standardize, monitor, control and manage application workloads across multiple platforms and applications. Advanced automation features enable dynamic triggers, pre-emptive problem correction, and pro-active environmental cleanup, while providing a user-friendly interface that enables you ‘‘manage by exception’’ and quickly assess downstream business impact.

New to DX Operational Intelligence

DX Operational Intelligence is a machine-learning-driven AIOps solution that provides the most comprehensive service intelligence, analyzing diverse structured and unstructured data sources that can range from the cloud to the mainframe. Our latest release now enables reduced total cost of ownership, ease of deployment and orchestration, and a variety of new features and enhancements to help IT teams effectively manage today’s complex enterprise environments. Check out getting started videos to learn more about the key capabilities in this solution.

Automated Remediation

By integrating AIOps from Broadcom with Automic Automation, teams can establish automated remediation that delivers significant operational and business benefits. This series of skill builders offers a detailed look at how to harness automated remediation.

Employing RESTmon to Ingest Zabbix Data

This two-part skill builder shows how to set up RESTmon and ingest data from Zabbix. Part 1 offers step-by-step guidance for deploying a RESTmon instance. Part 2 shows how to configure a Zabbix schema for consumption.