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August 10, 2021

Automated Remediation #2: How AIOps and Automic Automate Remediation

by: Paul Weschler

By integrating AIOps from Broadcom with Automic Automation, teams can establish a robust technical framework for automating remediation of issues. Following is a brief introduction to each solution:

  • AIOps. Broadcom’s AIOps platform enables highly scalable monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) across the diverse silos of disparate technical systems within your business. Additionally, AIOps includes algorithmic, machine-learning-based analytics capabilities. In this way, the solution enables teams to observe and analyze.
  • Automic Automation. Automic Automation provides the mechanisms needed to act. Automic Automation provides the service orchestration and automation platform to automate simple to intricate workflows across a complex landscape of applications, platforms, and technologies. You can use the solution to do all your automation, and you can also employ the solution as an orchestrator to manage the configuration and operation of any other workload automation tools, such as Ansible, AutoSys, and Control-M.

If you’re interested in learning more about what to look for in workload automation tools, and how Automic Automation stands apart from other alternatives on the market, see the enterprise automation page

Combined, AIOps and Automic Automation enable teams to efficiently, quickly, and reliably address issues.

Key Capabilities

By integrating AIOps with Automic Automation, teams can establish a way to observe, analyze, and act:

  • Observe. With the AIOps solution, you can gain unified coverage of all the diverse technologies and domains employed across your business. The solution can track data from across domains, including application, infrastructure, network, and cloud. As a result, you can establish a complete view of your entire ecosystem and correlate technology to key business services.
  • Analyze. AIOps features the advanced algorithmic and machine learning techniques that you need to sift through the noise, identify patterns, and deliver key operational insights. The solution correlates insights with business services, enabling teams to prioritize remediation and other efforts based on business impact.
  • Act. With Automic Automation, you can harness the intelligence of AIOps to fuel rapid, intelligent action. Automic Automation offers an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that enables you to define simple or complex automation processes. AIOps intelligence can be leveraged to trigger automated actions, including assisting in or resolving a specific issue. The solution also tracks these actions to support security and compliance requirements.


Figure 1. Automating remediation with AIOps and Automic Automation.


Through these advanced capabilities, your teams can:

  • Boost service levels. These solutions can remediate issues before there’s any impact on customer experience. With these advanced capabilities, teams can efficiently, quickly, and reliably address issues, and minimize the duration and adverse impact of outages.
  • Maximize staff productivity and efficiency. These solutions enable teams to speed and streamline inefficient, labor-intensive, and slow processes. By reducing time spent on troubleshooting and remediation, staff can focus more time and energy on strategic initiatives and innovation.

In the next Skill Builder, we’ll offer more details on each of the solutions and provide an overview of how the solutions can work together.