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    January 28, 2022

    Broadcom Software Announces Designated Weekend Upgrade Program for DX Unified Infrastructure Management 20.4

    Broadcom Software is dedicated to ensuring you are on the latest software releases with the most critical fixes, security enhancements, and integrations. That’s why Broadcom Support has developed a DX Unified Infrastructure Management (DX UIM) Designated Weekend Upgrade Program to assist you with a successful upgrade to DX UIM 20.4.

    Why upgrade to DX UIM 20.4?

    With 60+ new features, DX Unified Infrastructure Management (DX UIM) 20.4 is just one stop in DX UIM's ongoing journey to redefine infrastructure management in the market and for our customers. The new version includes significant alarm console enhancements, the re-introduction of Performance Report Designer, DevSecOps enhancements, expansion of public cloud coverage for Google Cloud Platform, and much more.

    Here’s what some beta program participants said about DX UIM 20.4:

    • "Impressive improvements over previous release."
    • "PRD looks fresh, thanks for listening."
    • "Best release in years, eagerly awaiting GA."
    • "Upgrade is smooth as butter."

    Why register for the designated weekend upgrade program?

    1. Receive fully staffed support and development for upgrade-related issues during a dedicated upgrade weekend on March 12-13, 2022, from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST each day.
    2. Improved speed of L1 & L2 collaboration, resulting in faster turnaround times with information on your critical issues.
    3. Support provided for all severity upgrade-related cases while also receiving proactive check-ins to answer questions and provide guidance on upgrades to DX UIM.

    "This was a very good experience for me. I would raise an issue, and someone would get to me very quickly. This made the multi-product, multi-server patching a lot less of a headache."
    - Sr. Advisor, Network Design, IT Service Management Company on Designated Weekend Upgrade Program for DX NetOps.

    Fill out the form below to let us know of your interest in the Designated Weekend Upgrade Program for DX UIM 20.4, or whether you have other upgrade plans.

    Register here

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